1891 Census

This census is in two parts, roughly south and north of the railway.
I did this from photos: a few fields were out of focus or off the edge - I'll fill them in later. There are question marks where I could not read the handwriting, which is generally quite good.

Status ("Condition as to Marriage" on the original): M=married, W=widow(er); there was no consistency about the use of "S" for single, so I have omitted it.

Employment: most working people are employees; I have added (E) for an employer, and (i) to indicate that the person was working independently.

Use the alphabetical list to find a particular name.

AddressNameRelation (to Head)Age/
Profession or OccupationWhere born
1. 1 Hawk EndDavid R Burnett Head28 M Blacksmith's GeneralNorfolk
.. Eliza Burnett Wife30 M .Thurston
.. Fredric G R Burnett Son2 .Elmswell
.. Minnie J Burnett Daur10m .Elmswell
2. 2 Hawk EndHenrey Robinson Head23 M Groom & CoachmanElmswell
.. Laura Robinson Wife22 M .Woolpit
.. Kate E Robinson Daur9m .Elmswell
.. Edgar Rolfe Boarder17 BarmanWhepstead
3. 3 Hawk EndHenry Parr Head27 M Coal CarterNorton
.. Harriett Parr Wife27 M .Livermere
.. Edith Parr Daur4 .Elmswell
.. Elizabeth Randall Aunt39 W Living on meansWalton
.. Helena M Macpetteatly? Niece9m .Elmswell
4. 4 Hawk EndCornelius F Mathews Head72 M Grocer & draperLawshall
.. Lucy Mathews Wife67 M .Cambs, Fulbourn
.. Jacob G Mathews Son30 S Clock & Watch makerElmswell
.. Emma E Mathews Daur26 S DressmakerElmswell
.. Hannah Wright Visitor76 W Living on own meansWetherden
5. 5 Hawk EndCharles Bloomfield Head29 M Farm labourer - ShepherdNorton
.. Eliza Bloomfield Wife27 M WasherwomanElmswell
.. Ellen L Bloomfield Daur5 ScholarElmswell
.. Alice M Bloomfield Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Kate E Bloomfield Daur1 .Elmswell
6. 6 Hawk EndEllen Mulley Head49 W CharwomanElmswell
.. Alice L Mulley Daur15 General Servt. & DomesticElmswell
.. Anna Mulley Daur10 ScholarElmswell
7. Ephraim Collett Lodger21 S BricklayerLondon
8. Wm Stannard Lodger19 S Wheelwright & CarpenterShelley
9. 7 Hawk EndJames Curtis Head31 M Railway PlatelayerNewmarket
.. Ann Curtis Wife32 M .Woolpit
10. 8 Hawk EndThos Armstrong Head82 M PauperElmswell
.. Susan Armstrong Wife70 M CharwomanWetherden
.. Ernest Armstrong Grandson13 .Elmswell
11. 9 Hawk EndGeorge Adams Head50 M Basket MakerElmswell
.. Elizabeth Adams Wife60 M .Norwich
12. 10 Hawk EndGeorge Mulley Head44 M Farm Labourer - GeneralElmswell
.. Sarah Mulley Wife44 M .Elmswell
.. Adelaide Mulley Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.. Edward Mulley Son8 .Elmswell
.. Lillie Mulley Daur5 .Elmswell
.. Harriett Mulley Daur1 .Elmswell
.. Mary Salmon Mother-in-law81 W PauperBeyton
13. 11 Hawk EndJohn Mulley Head75 M Farm Labourer - GeneralElmswell
.. Hannah Mulley Wife74 M .Elmswell
.. William Baker Grandson20 S Blacksmith - GeneralElmswell
14. 12 Hawk EndMary Armstrong Head83 W PauperHenfield
.. MaryAnn Bean Nurse60 W Attendant & NurseBurgate
15. 12 Hawk EndJohn Mulley Head40 W AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. John Mulley Son6 .Elmswell
16. 13 Hawk EndRobert Baker Head61 M Farm Labourer - GeneralElmswell
.. Elizabeth Baker Wife53 M .Elmswell
.. Wm Stanley Baker Son14 Farm Labourer - YardmanElmswell
.. Geo Chas Baker Son11 ScholarElmswell
17. 14 Hawk EndJames Armstrong Head34 M Farm Labourer - HorsemanElmswell
.. Eliza Armstrong Wife33 M .Norton
.. Albert Armstrong Son13 Farm Servant - GeneralElmswell
.. Ada Armstrong Daur11 ScholarElmswell
.. Kate Armstrong Daur9 ScholarElmswell
.. George Armstrong Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. Charles Armstrong Son4 ScholarElmswell
.. Fredrick Armstrong Son1 .Elmswell
18. 15 Hawk EndWm Elliston Head41 M Pork ButcherElmswell
.. Susan Elliston Wife40 M .Elmswell
.. Thos Elliston Son19 Gardener - GeneralElmswell
.. Arthur Elliston Son17 Farm Labourer - GeneralElmswell
.. Rosa Elliston Daur15 .Elmswell
19. 16 Hawk EndGeorge Farrow Head35 M Farm Labourer - GeneralElmswell
.. Sarah Farrow Wife33 M .Elmswell
.. Barcham A Farrow Son9 ScholarElmswell
.. Sydney E Farrow Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. Grace A Farrow Daur5 ScholarElmswell
.. Geo Stanley Farrow Son3 .Elmswell
.. Lytton W Farrow Son1 .Elmswell
20. 17 Hawk EndGeorge Farrow Head53 M Carman & HorsemanElmswell
.. Agnes Farrow Daur21 S Genl. Servt. & DomesticElmswell
.. George Farrow Son18 S .Elmswell
.. Ernest Farrow Son16 S Labourer GeneralElmswell
.. Mary J Farrow Daur11 ScholarElmswell
21. 18 Hawk EndGeorge Nicholls Head41 M G.E.Railway - SignalmanColchester
.. Julia Nicholls Wife36 M .Colchester
.. George Nicholls Son14 S G.E.Railway - ClerkArdleigh
.. William Nicholls Son11 ScholarColchester
22. 19 Hawk EndWilliam Goymer Head44 M Coal Porter & ManagerWetherden
.. Anna Goymer Wife42 M .Elmswell
.. Wm George Goymer Son20 Coal PorterElmswell
.. Charles Goymer Son16 Corn Miller ImproverElmswell
.. John Goymer Son13 ScholarElmswell
.. MaryAnn Goymer Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Walter E Goymer Son10 .Elmswell
.. Arthur Goymer Son7 .Elmswell
.. Emma Goymer Daur6 .Elmswell
.. Daisy E Goymer Daur4 .Elmswell
.. May Goymer Daur1 .Elmswell
23. 20 Hawk EndMaria Baker Head81 W PauperNorton
24. 21 Hawk EndJemima Corner Head68 W Retired PublicanStowmarket
.. Sarah Ann Corner Daur38 S Retired PublicanStowmarket
.. Sarah Quinton Sister72 S Living on incomeStowmarket
25. 22 Hawk EndHenry King Head46 W Farm Labourer - GeneralElmswell
.. Henry King Son19 S Farm Labourer - GeneralWoolpit
.. Ellen King Daur16 S HousekeeperElmswell
.. Dennis King Son13 ScholarElmswell
.. Thomas King Son11 ScholarElmswell
26. 23 Hawk EndChas Gole Scase Head38 M Labourer - WoodmanOnehouse
.. Annie L Gole Scase Wife28 M .Elmswell
.. Rose R Gole Scase Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.. Florence M Gole Scase Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.. Chas Geo Gole Scase Son5 ScholarElmswell
.. Frederick Wm Gole Scase Son1 .Elmswell
27. 24 Hawk EndMaria Moyse Head67 CharwomanElmswell
.. Elizabeth Moyse Daur24 DressmakerElmswell
28. 25 Hawk EndRobert King Head55 M General LaborerElmswell
.. Hannah King Wife53 M CharwomanGt Ashfield
.. Mary A Willingham Step-Daur31 S .Stowmarket
.. Whilemina King Daur17 S .Elmswell
.. John King Son15 S General LaborerElmswell
.. Sarah Willingham Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.. Birtie Willingham Son4 ScholarElmswell
.. Isabella Willingham Daur1 .Elmswell
29. 26 Hawk EndRobert Plummer Head66 M Farm Laborer - GeneralElmswell
.. Charlotte Plummer Wife66 M CharwomanBrettenham
30. 27 Hawk EndGeorge Mulley Head31 M Farm Laborer - GeneralElmswell
.. Elizabeth Mulley Wife30 M .Elmswell
.. Geo M Armstrong Son12 ScholarElmswell
.. Ada Mulley Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.. Florrie Mulley Daur4 ScholarElmswell
.. Thomas Mulley Son2 .Elmswell
31. 28 Hawk EndJames Waylett Head30 M Groom & HorsemanHessett
.. Georgiana Waylett Wife22 M .Hopton
.. Florence Hunt Visitor14 S ScholarHopton
32. 29 Hawk EndRobert Smith Head52 M Horse DealerThelnetham
.. Sarah Smith Wife48 M .Colchester
33. 30 Hawk EndWilliam Borley Head76 M WoodcutterElmswell
.. Elizabeth Borley Wife60 M .Norton
.. John W Borley Son29 S Carpenter & JoinerNorton
.. Woolpit Road Borley .
34. Woolpit Road, Ivy HouseRobert Baker Head26 M Miller & Corn MerchantWetherden
.. Sophia Baker Wife26 M .Kent
.. Christabel M Baker Daur1 .Elmswell
.. Dorothy E Baker Daur4m .Elmswell
.. Caroline D Watts Visitor43 S Principal of schoolWoodham
.. Kate Moss servant16 General Servant - DomesticHaughley Green
.. Sophia Farrow servant14 NusemaidElmswell
.. Mary Farrow nurse51 Nurse & AttendantElmswell
35. Woolpit RoadJames Manning Head39 M Carpenter & WheelwrightBuxhall
.. Emma Manning Wife34 M .Elmswell
.. Minnie Manning Daur12 General Servant - DomesticElmswell
.. James Manning Son10 ScholarElmswell
.. Eva Manning Daur9 ScholarElmswell
.. Edward Manning Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. Thomas Manning Son6 ScholarElmswell
36. Woolpit RoadZachariah Fenton Head59 M Market GardenerBury St Edmunds
.. Sarah Fenton Wife59 M .Woolpit
.. Walter Fenton Son25 S Farm Laborer - GeneralElmswell
37. Woolpit Road, The VillaIreland Graham Head81 M Retired FarmerWoolpit
.. Ann Graham Wife67 M .Herefordshire
.. Kate Mothersole servant20 S General Servant - DomesticPakenham
.. Lily Manning servant14 General Servant - DomesticElmswell
38. Woolpit RoadGeorge Mulley Head78 M Retired BakerElmswell
.. Elizabeth Mulley Wife77 M .Wickham Skieth
39. Woolpit RoadJohn Farrow Head29 M Groom & GardenerElmswell
.. Alice Farrow Wife23 M .Pakenham
.. Ethel M Farrow Daur2 .Elmswell
40. Rose LaneHenry G Elliston Head38 M Thatcher & ButcherElmswell
.. Susannah Elliston Wife35 M .Elmswell
.. Henry Geo Elliston Son18 S AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Arthur Jas Elliston Son12 ScholarElmswell
.. Alice S Elliston Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.. Rose Emma Elliston Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.. Frederick W Elliston Son5 ScholarElmswell
.. Nora Ellen Elliston Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Herbert Vic Elliston Son4m .Elmswell
41. Rose LaneFrederick Scase Head36 M Corn Miller - CarterElmswell
.. Elizabeth Scase Wife42 M .Elmswell
.. Henry J Baker Step-S19 S Farm Labourer - GeneralElmswell
.. Robert Geo Baker Step-S18 S Farm Labourer - GeneralElmswell
.. Harriett L Scase Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.. Lily G Scase Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.. Florence A Scase Daur3 ScholarElmswell
.. Albert W Scase Son5 ScholarElmswell
.. Rose May Scase Daur2 .Elmswell
42. Rose LaneWilliam Henry Scase Head32 M Bricklayer's LabourerElmswell
.. Jane Scase Wife31 M .Elmswell
.. Albert Wm Scase Son10 ScholarElmswell
.. Violet May Scase Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.. Nora L Scase Daur3 ScholarElmswell
43. Rose LaneRobert Holmes Head M Laborer - ShepherdWhelnetham
.. Charlotte Holmes Wife M .Haw.....
.. Henry G Holmes Son22 S Groom & Gen. ServantWelnetham
44. Rose LaneWilliam H Elliston Head21 M Bricklayer's LabourerElmswell
.. Margaret A J Elliston Wife20 M .Whelnetham
45. Rose Lane, Rose CottageGeorge Mulley Head48 M Woodman & FarmerElmswell
.. Rebecca R Mulley Wife44 M .Elmswell
46. Woolpit Road, Railway TavernHenry E Gunn Head39 M Victualler & BakerNorfolk, Wroxham
.. Emily Gunn Wife39 M .Debenham
.. Annie Gunn Daur14 BarmaidDebenham
.. Henry E Gunn Son9 ScholarMendlesham
.. Jessie Fox servant16 S General Servant - DomesticMendlesham
47. Woolpit RoadCharles Clarke Head73 W AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Sophia Clarke Daur39 S HousekeeperElmswell
.. William Clarke Grandson15 S ScholarElmswell
.. Sarah Clarke GDaur12 ScholarElmswell
.. Herbert Clarke Grandson5 ScholarElmswell
.. Arthur J Clarke Grandson1 .Elmswell
48. Woolpit RoadJames Mulley Head69 M Parish Clerk & SextonElmswell
.. Hannah Mulley Wife68 M .Elmswell
.. Samuel Mulley Son49 S General LabourerElmswell
.. Eliza Mulley Daur28 S DressmakerElmswell
49. Woolpit RoadWilliam Salmon Head63 M Farm Laborer - GeneralWetherden
.. Charlotte Salmon Wife57 M .Elmswell
.. John Salmon Son26 S Farm Laborer - GeneralElmswell
.. Thomas Salmon Son21 S Farm Laborer - GeneralElmswell
.. William Salmon Son19 S Gardener - generalElmswell
.. Charles Salmon Grandson1 .Bury St Eds
50. Woolpit RoadJames Goymer Head64 M AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Sophia Goymer Wife54 M .Bury St Eds
51. Woolpit RoadThomas Elliston Head63 M Pork ButcherElmswell
.. Rebecca Elliston Wife63 M .Elmswell
.. Herbert E Elliston Son26 S Pork Butcher AssistantElmswell
52. Woolpit RoadRobert Scase Head64 M General LabourerElmswell
.. Pamela Scase Wife64 M .Thorndon
.. George Scase Son22 S Bricklayer's LabourElmswell
.. William Cocksedge Boarder64 S General LabourerElmswell
53. Woolpit RoadGeorge Everett Lodger20 S Farm Laborer - GeneralHartest
54. Woolpit RoadWilliam Fuller Head39 M Coal PorterElmswell
.. Eliza Fuller Wife29 M .Elmswell
.. John Fuller Son15 S Laborer YardboyElmswell
.. James Fuller Son13 Laborer YardboyElmswell
.. Florence Fuller Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.. Willie Fuller Son4 ScholarElmswell
.. Jessie Fuller Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Walter Fuller Son1 .Elmswell
55. Woolpit Road, SchoolhouseAnn Seymour Head65 S Teacher Church SchoolLondon, St Pancras
.. Penelope Seymour Sister56 S Teacher Church SchoolHerts
56. Woolpit RoadRobert H Bloom Head38 M Carrier & PoultererWoolpit
.. Louisa J Bloom Wife36 M .Beyton
.. Annette L Bloom Daur14 ScholarElmswell
.. Robert B Bloom Son13 ScholarElmswell
.. Mildred B Bloom Daur11 ScholarElmswell
.. Ida Mary Bloom Daur9 ScholarElmswell
57. Woolpit RoadHenry J Farrow Head31 M AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Rosetta Farrow Wife31 M .Elmswell
.. Lilly Farrow Daur4 ScholarElmswell
.. Edith Farrow Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Henry G Farrow Son9m .Elmswell
.. William G King Boarder25 S AgLab - GeneralElmswell
58. Woolpit RoadIsaac Rice Head70 W Gardener GeneralElmswell
.. Emma Rice Daur37 S .Elmswell
.. Harry Rice Son40 S Bricklayer's LabourElmswell
.. Alice Rice GDaur20 S .Elmswell
.. Louisa Rice GDaur11 Scholar?
.. John Rice GGS5 ScholarElmswell
59. Woolpit RoadSarah Robinson Head42 W HousekeeperElmswell
.. William Robinson Son17 S AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Frank Robinson Son15 Miller's LaborerElmswell
.. Florence Robinson Son13 ScholarElmswell
60. Woolpit RoadJames Curtis Head52 M G.E.Railway PlatelayerColchester
.. Emma Curtis Wife49 M .East Bergholt
.. Edward Curtis Son23 S ShoemakerElmswell
.. John Curtis Son19 S AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Eliza Curtis Daur13 ScholarElmswell
61. New RoadHenry Baker Head48 M Retired FarmerElmswell
.. MaryAnn Baker Wife28 M .London
62. New RoadSarah Potter Head50 W Farmeress & CowkeeperElmswell
.. Ada Mulley Niece15 ScholarLondon
.. Harry Mulley Nephew10 ScholarLondon
63. New Road, Elm HouseMary Muncey Head69 W Living on own meansElmswell
.. Essie Muncey GDaur18 S Pupil TeacherLondon
.. Bertie Muncey Grandson10 ScholarElmswell
.. Sarah Lawman Boarder27 Teacher - SchoolmistressDerbyshire
64. Cross StreetFrederick J Thorpe Head27 M Corn Miller - ForemanBarking
.. Emma D Thorpe Wife24 M .Ringshall
.. Eva M Thorpe Daur6 ScholarBarking
.. Hector G Thorpe Son4 ScholarWetherden
.. Walter H Thorpe Son3 ScholarElmswell
.. Ida Gladys Thorpe Daur1 .Elmswell
65. Cross StreetJames King Head61 M Carpenter & JoinerElmswell
.. Sophia King Wife59 M .Elmswell
66. Cross StreetMary Barnes Head69 W Living on own meansGt Ashfield
67. Cross StreetWilliam F Warren Head39 M Journeyman BlacksmithBadwell Ash
.. Susannah Warren Wife48 M .Bardwell
.. Emma Warren Mother76 W Living on own meansGt Ashfield
.. Edward W Warren Brother34 S Carrier & DealerWetherden
68. Cross StreetEdward Wretham Head76 M AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Maria Wretham Wife73 M .Badwell Ash
69. Cross StreetJames Smith Head74 M AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Sarah Smith Wife61 M .Gt Ashfield
70. Cross StreetJames Farrow Head25 M Coal Carter & DealerElmswell
.. Elizabeth J Farrow Wife28 M .Bardwell
.. Laura Farrow Daur4 ScholarElmswell
.. Harry Farrow Son3 ScholarElmswell
.. Ella Farrow Daur3m .Elmswell
.. Jessie Ballam servant13 General Servant - DomesticWoolpit
71. Cross StreetJames Howard Head33 M G.E.Railway PlatelayerHaughley
.. MaryAnn Howard Wife36 M .Wetherden
72. Cross StreetGeorge Wright Head72 M Brick ManufacturerElmswell
.. Sarah Wright Wife55 M .Elmswell
.. Henry Geo Wright Son20 S Brick MakerElmswell
.. Ellen Wright Daur18 S Assistant in houseElmswell
.. Maria Wright Daur17 Pupil TeacherElmswell
.. Bertie Wright Son11 ScholarElmswell
73. Cross StreetGeorge R Wright Head64 M Brick Manufacturer & FarmerElmswell
.. Emma Wright Wife58 M .Elmswell
.. Louisa Wright Daur35 S .Elmswell
.. Herbert Wright Son26 S Prudential Assurance Agt.Elmswell
.. Arthur Wright Son21 S BrickmakerElmswell
.. Edwin Wright Son7 ScholarWoolpit
74. Cross StreetBarnabas Buckle Head69 M Laborer - BrickmakerStowmarket
.. Ann Buckle Wife40 M .St Laurence
75. Cross StreetRobert Leader Lodger69 W Laborer - BrickmakerElmswell
76. Cross StreetMichael Fisher Head68 M Laborer - BrickmakerWoopit
.. Harriett Fisher Wife67 M .Stanningfield
77. Cross WaysPhilip L H Page Head53 S late Cap.8th Kings own, Farmer & Brick Manufr.Woolpit
78. The FarmJohn Palaver Head55 M Farm StewardWoolpit
.. Ann M Palaver Wife51 M DairywomanWestleton
.. Arthur Wm Palaver Son27 S Farm Laborer (Horseman)Woolpit
.. John Palaver Son18 S Farm Laborer (Shepherd)Woolpit
.. Philip Palaver Son17 S Working BlacksmithWoolpit
.. Margaret Palaver Daur15 General Servant - DomesticWoolpit
79. Fox & GooseReuben Bird Head32 S AgLab - HorsemanWest Stow
.. Adelaide Bird Mother61 W HousekeeperWest Stow
.. George Bird Brother17 S AgLab - StockmanTimworth
80. Fox & GooseRobert Richer Head56 M AgLab - GeneralHitcham
.. Eliza Richer Wife55 M .Woolpit
81. Bunkus HillRobert Buckle Head48 M FarmerElmswell
.. Mary Buckle Wife48 M LaundressElmswell
.. Esther Buckle Daur24 S .Elmswell
.. William Pyke Grandson2 .Elmswell
82. John Gould Head71 M AgLab - GeneralBacton
.. MaryAnn Gould Wife68 M TailoressElmswell
83. Edward Everett Head44 M Dealer & CarrierTostock
.. Drusilla Everett Wife45 M .Elmswell
.. Agusta Jane Everett Daur11 ScholarElmswell
84. The RectoryJohn Lewis Head49 M Gardiner & CaretakerCheshire
.. Sarah Lewis Wife49 M .Cheshire
.. MaryAnn Lewis Daur15 S ScholarScotland
.. John Lewis Son17 S Carpenter & JoinerSalop
85. Gardiners AlmhousesMary A Melton Head80 W AlmswomanHaughley
86. Gardiners AlmhousesMary Coe Head70 W AlmswomanGt Ashfield
87. Gardiners AlmhousesSophia Hardingham Head81 W AlmswomanNorfolk
88. Gardiners AlmhousesHannah Tricker Head72 W AlmswomanEye
89. Gardiners AlmhousesCatherine Burt Head68 W AlmswomanHaughley
90. Gardiners AlmhousesCharlotte Buckle Head81 W AlmswomanHarleston
91. Woolpit RoadJames Scase Head28 M Coal PorterElmswell
.. Annie Scase Wife30 M .Elmswell
.. Victoria M Scase Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Wm James Scase Son2 .Elmswell
.. Oliver G Scase Son2m .Elmswell
.. William Pegg Father-in-law74 W AgLab - GeneralElmswell
92. Woolpit RoadWilliam Hart Head66 M AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Charlotte Hart Wife63 M .Woolpit
93. Top RoadArthur Alex O'Neill Head55 M Curate of ElmswellLondon
.. Sarah Ann O'Neill Wife50 M .Lincs
.. Mary E O'Neill Daur25 S Teacher Governess in FamilyLancs
.. Florence E O'Neill Daur14 ScholarLincs
.. Clara E Lummis servant20 S General Servant - DomesticWickham Skeith
.. Ernest R Andras Visitor5 ScholarBerks
94. Top RoadWilliam Pollard Head79 M Living on own meansWalsham-le-Willows
.. Elizabeth Pollard Wife62 M Living on own meansBeyton
.. Emma Goode servant16 General Servant - DomesticWetherden
95. New RoadJohn H Newson Head42 M Coal MerchantWalsham-le-Willows
.. Sarah M Newson Wife44 M .Woolpit
.. Eva Mary Newson Daur13 ScholarWoolpit
.. John P Thorpe Boarder26 S Merchant's ClerkEssex
.. Emily Rivers servant19 S General Servant - DomesticDrinkstone
96. New RoadFreeman Mulley Head32 M AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Gertrude A Mulley Wife29 M DressmakerElmswell
.. Freeman W Mulley Son10 ScholarElmswell
.. Gertrude A Mulley Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.. Basil J Mulley Son5 ScholarElmswell
.. Spencer H Mulley Son3 ScholarElmswell
.. Annie L Mulley Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Charles Baker Boarder34 S Living on own meansElmswell
97. New RoadLucy Sayer Head66 W Boarding House KeeperElmswell
.. James Sayer Grandson7 ScholarElmswell
.. David Mulley Boarder79 W General LabourerElmswell
.. Frederick Rose Boarder21 S Working BlacksmithDrinkstone
.. Arthur Mouncer Boarder27 S PhotographerNorwich
98. New RoadWilliam Bloomfield Head50 M CarpenterWoolpit
.. Jane Bloomfield Wife48 M .Woolpit
.. Mary Jane Davey Niece16 S Domestic Servant GeneralWoolpit
.. Robert Bloomfield Father82 W AnnuitantWoolpit
99. New RoadWilliam Wretham Head33 M AgLab - GeneralElmswell
.. Emma Wretham Wife33 M .Pakenham
100. New RoadHenry Fenton Head27 M Corn Miller - workingElmswell
.. Rachel Fenton Wife27 M .Pakenham
.. Edith Fenton Daur4 ScholarElmswell
.. Frank Fenton Son11m .Elmswell
101. New RoadCharlotte Hood Head37 W Living on incomeElmswell
.. Geo Wm Hood Son11 ScholarElmswell
.. Ruth Eliz Hood Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.. Jacob Baker Father75 W Farm Laborer - GeneralElmswell
102. New RoadCharles Hood Head65 M FarmerHaughley
.. Caroline Hood Wife66 M .Mendlesham
.. Jessie Hood GDaur14 ScholarElmswell
103. New RoadJohn Hood Head40 M Master Shoemaker - workingWetherden
.. Esther Hood Wife40 M .Elmswell
.. Hector C Hood Son18 S Shoemaker CloserElmswell
.. Robin Hood Son12 ScholarElmswell
.. Annie L Hood Daur10 ScholarLondon, Lambeth
.. Florence E Hood Daur8 ScholarLondon, Lambeth
.. Mabel B Hood Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.. Thos Wm Hood Son4 ScholarElmswell
.. Elizabeth Hood Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Esther J Hood Daur1 .Elmswell
.. Richard W Adams Stepson3 .London, Clapham
104. New RoadDennis Fenton Head21 M Bootmaker - GeneralNorfolk, Castle Acre
.. Harriott Fenton Wife21 M .Elmswell
.. Harriott Fenton Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Frederick Fenton Son9m .Elmswell
105. New RoadSamuel Manning Head59 S Farm Laborer - GeneralElmswell
106. New RoadJames Mulley Head37 M Traction Engine DriverElmswell
.. Mary Mulley Wife36 M .Elmswell
.. Herbert J Mulley Son13 ScholarElmswell
.. Arthur H Mulley Son11 ScholarElmswell
.. William Mulley Son8 ScholarElmswell
.. Robert Mulley Son4 ScholarElmswell
107. New RoadJames Frost Head66 M Harness MakerHaughley
.. Susan Frost Wife63 M .Old Newton
108. New RoadArthur B Warren Head23 M Agricultural Implement MakerWetherden
.. Bessie Warren Wife21 M .Norfolk
109. New RoadEdward Pyke Head27 M Master Blacksmith - workingMendlesham
.. Elizabeth M Pyke Wife27 M .Elmswell
.. Robert E B Pyke Son6m .Elmswell
.. Mary A Armstrong servant14 General Servant - DomesticElmswell
110. New RoadHarry C Pearl Head48 M Retired MillerGt Thurlow
.. Sarah Pearl Wife40 M .Gt Thurlow
.. Harry J Pearl Son19 S Grocer's AssistantGt Thurlow
.. Nora Pearl Daur8 ScholarBuxhall
.. Edith Pearl Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.. Blanche M Pearl Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Mary Farrow servant15 General Servant - DomesticElmswell
111. Elmswell HallWilliam Diaper Head50 M Farm StewardOld Newton
.. Annie Diaper Wife44 M .Beds
.. Jane Diaper Daur16 S Domestic GeneralWetherden
Part of the Civil Parish of ElmswellCommencing at Post Offices, Lords Farm, Blacksmiths Shop, Robinson, Wakelin, Borleys Farms, Durrants Houses, Cottages in Selmon's Lanes, The Grove Farms to Botany Bay, returning taking all houses in As
1. StreetHenry Lord Head50 M FarmerLavenham
.. Elizabeth Lord Wife50 M .Great Ashfield
.. Lillian Lord Daur12 ScholarRushbrook
.. Jemima Farrow servant18 General Servant - DomesticWyverstone
2. Blackbourn xxNathan Warren Head65 W Implement Manufacturer & FmrRickinghall
.. Katherine Warren Daur21 S .Wetherden
.. Louisa Elliston servant17 S General Servant - DomesticElmswell
3. Buttenhaugh GnLeonard ? Jiffee Head73 W Yeoman (F)Sapiston
.. Ernest Leonard Jiffee Son22 S (Son)Waybread
.. Anna Green housekeeper65 W Housekeeper (Dom)Elmswell
4. Buttenhaugh GreenFrederick Warren Head34 M Implement AgentWetherden
.. Isabella Warren Wife32 M .Elmswell
.. Eleanor Louisa Warren Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.. Frederick Mathew Warren Son6 ScholarElmswell
.. Clifford Boston Warren Son4 .Elmswell
.. Gilbert Frank Warren Son3 .Elmswell
.. Rosabella Kate Warren Daur1 .Elmswell
5. Buttenhaugh GreenWilliam King Head26 M General LabourerElmswell
.. Ellen E King Wife25 M .Norton
.. Florence H King Daur5 .Elmswell
.. William E King Son3 .Elmswell
.. George E King Son1 .Elmswell
6. Buttenhaugh GreenHarriett Clarke Head74 W Living on Parish AllowanceElmswell
.. Ethel J Clarke GDaur9 ScholarElmswell
7. Buttenhaugh GreenThomas Stevens Head77 M ButcherNorfolk, Hopton
.. Charlotte Stevens Wife66 M .Wideham
.. John Goddard Boarder66 W Living on own meansElmswell
.. George Vyse Boarder20 S G.E.Rly ClerkScotland
.. William Buckle Boarder17 S G.E.Rly ClerkH...
8. Buttenhaugh GreenGeorge Goddard Head30 S Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Ambrose Goddard Brother37 S Agricultural LabourerElmswell
9. Buttenhaugh GreenGeorge King Head50 M Engine DriverElmswell
.. MaryAnn King Wife46 M .Elmswell
.. Ernest King Son16 S General LabourerElmswell
.. Ellen King Daur14 S General Servant - DomesticElmswell
.. Martha King Daur13 S ScholarElmswell
.. Patience King Daur11 ScholarElmswell
.. David King Son8 ScholarElmswell
.. Thomas King Son6 ScholarElmswell
.. Emma King Daur5 ScholarElmswell
10. Buttenhaugh GreenHenry Mulley Head33 M BlacksmithElmswell
.. Eliza M Mulley Wife29 M .Woolpit
.. Lily E Mulley Daur7 S ScholarElmswell
.. Franklin W Mulley Son4 S ScholarElmswell
.. Evangline A Mulley Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Isabella J Mulley Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Wallie Ed Mulley Son6m .Elmswell
10. Buttenhaugh GreenRobert J Mulley Head68 M PauperElmswell
.. Maria Mulley Wife60 M .Norton
11. Buttenhaugh GreenNora E Mulley Daur13 S .Elmswell
.. James Farrow Head61 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Sophia Farrow Wife54 M .Elmswell
12. Buttenhaugh GreenRobert Nunn Head36 M WheelwrightWaybread
.. Betsy Nunn Wife27 M .Lt Finborough
.. Robert N Nunn Son5 S ScholarElmswell
.. Herbert H Nunn Son4 .Elmswell
13. Buttenhaugh GreenEdgar Barnes Head32 M Agricultural LabourerGt Ashfield
.. Emma Barnes Wife55 M .Campsea Ash
.. Ernest G Bloss Son17 Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Arthur Bloss Grandson5 .Stowmarket
14. Stubbings LanePhilip Buckle Head77 M PauperNorton
.. Lucy Buckle Wife68 M .Elmswell
15. Buttenhaugh GreenSophia Goldsmith Head74 W Living on own meansGt Ashfield
16. White House FarmCharles Robinson Head51 W FarmerElmswell
.. John H Robinson Son18 S Farmer's SonElmswell
.. Ethel S Robinson Daur13 S ScholarElmswell
.. James Robinson Brother44 S FarmerElmswell
.. Elizabeth Robinson Sister53 S .Elmswell
.. Sophia Robinson Sister49 S .Elmswell
.. Mable H Dunnett Niece13 S ScholarElmswell
17. Stubbings LaneAmos Manning Head62 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Sarah Manning Wife58 M .Wyverstone
.. Walter Manning Son19 S Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Arthur Manning Son17 S Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Alice Burrows GDaur11 S .Bacton
18. Stubbings LanePhilip Buckle Head47 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Amelia Buckle Wife42 M .Tostock
.. John M Buckle Son13 S ScholarElmswell
19. Sah Byr HouseWilliam Manning Head72 M WheelwrightElmswell
.. MaryAnn Manning Wife72 M .Buxhall
.. Clara Atkins GDaur20 S .Elmswell
19a. Samuel Palmer Head38 M WheelwrightB...
.. Eliza Palmer Wife38 M .Woolpit
.. William J Palmer Son10 S ScholarElmswell
.. Horace Palmer Son9 S ScholarElmswell
.. Lillian M Palmer Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.. Agnes E Palmer Daur3 S .Elmswell
20. Buttenhaugh GreenHenry Farrow Head47 M Labourer GeneralElmswell
.. Harriet Farrow Wife45 M .Stowmarket
.. George Farrow Son18 Errand BoyElmswell
.. Elizabeth Farrow Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.. Frederick Farrow Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. Albert E Farrow Son4 .Elmswell
21. Buttenhaugh GreenJohn Elsey Head68 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Louisa Elsey Wife63 M .Woolpit
22. Buttenhaugh GreenJohn Lockett Head30 M Railway PorterSansted?
.. Pauline Lockett Wife30 M .Bradfield
.. Ethel Lockett Daur4 .Elmswell
.. Harry Lockett Son1 .Elmswell
23. Buttenhaugh GreenFrederick Farrow Head33 M BricklayerElmswell
.. Charlotte Farrow Wife32 M .Norton
.. Albert E Farrow Son8 .Elmswell
.. Elsie? M Farrow Daur6 .Elmswell
.. Frank J Farrow Son5 .Elmswell
.. Herbert W Farrow Son3 .Elmswell
.. Sidney Farrow Son11m .Elmswell
24. Woodstock HouseRobert S Pye Head31 M Timber MerchantNorthumberland
.. Georginana Pye Wife33 M .Bacton
.. Hilda J Edwards Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.. Rhona M Edwards Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.. Wilhelmina A Pye Daur5 ScholarElmswell
.. Jessie S Pye Daur1 .Elmswell
25. Buttenhaugh GreenRobert Durrant Head39 M Harness MakerStowupland
.. Harriet Durrant Wife39 M .Stowmarket
.. Alice L Durrant Daur16 DressmakerStowmarket
.. Flora B Durrant Daur15 .Elmswell
.. Eustace N Durrant Son13 Harness Maker's ApprenticeElmswell
.. Arthur N Durrant Son11 ScholarElmswell
.. Harriet L Durrant Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.. Frederick M Durrant Son5 .Elmswell
.. Janet A Durrant Daur2 .Elmswell
26. Lawtons LaneEdward Bryant Head42 M Agricultural LabourerWetherden
.. Jane Bryant Wife43 M .Haughley
.. Charles Bryant Son21 Agricultural LabourerWetherden
.. William Bryant Son16 Agricultural LabourerWetherden
.. Ethel Bryant Daur12 ScholarWetherden
27. James Garrod Head38 M Agricultural LabourerAshfield
.. Sarah J Garrod Wife35 M .Elmswell
.. Arthur J Garrod Son9 ScholarElmswell
.. Albert E Garrod Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. William Garrod Son5 .Elmswell
28. The GroveEdward J Ballam Head23 M Farmer & Manager Threshing MachineryTostock
.. Charlotte R Ballam Wife25 M .Cambridge
.. Gladys? Ruth Ballam Daur7m .Elmswell
.. Kate Moyes servant18 General servantHarlston
29. Botney Bay FarmJohn Goode Head55 M FarmerWetherden
.. Harriet Goode Wife53 M .Woolpit
.. Stanley Goode Son16 Farmer's sonElmswell
30. Buggs FarmGeorge Hammond Head55 M Farm StewardIxworth
.. Harriett Hammond Wife57 M .Honington
.. John Hammond Son22 Labourer AssistantHonington
.. Ellen Hammond Daur18 .Hepworth
31. East Wood Farm HouseGeorge Carter Head52 M Farm StewardGt Ashfield
.. Susan Carter Wife55 M .Barnham
.. Robert Carter Son24 LabourerGt Ashfield
.. Emily Carter Daur15 .Gt Ashfield
.. Ellen Carter Daur10 .Gt Ashfield
.. Betsy Finch visitor23 .Tostock
32. Buttenhaugh Green?John Salmon Head64 M GardenerElmswell
.. Charlotte Salmon Wife62 M .Hopton
.. Ruth Salmon Daur23 .Elmswell
33. Buttenhaugh Green?William F Buckle Head33 M Agricultural LabourerHunston
.. Ann Buckle Wife29 M .Norton
.. Rosa M Buckle Daur5 .Elmswell
.. Charles W Buckle Son4 .Elmswell
.. Helen R Buckle Daur1 .Elmswell
34. Buttenhaugh Green?Henry C Kinsey Head25 M Insurance AgentStanton
.. Elizabeth Kinsey Wife29 M .Brettenham
.. Sybil Maud Kinsey Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Anne Bond servant17 .Thurston
34a. Buttenhaugh Green?Henry J Warren? Head32 M FarmerWetherden
.. Mary Warren? Wife36 M .Elmswell
.. Victor Warren? Son1 .Elmswell
35. Buttenhaugh Green?George Bird Head49 M Farm BailiffRingshall
.. Emma Bird Wife46 M .?
36. Buttenhaugh Green?Isaac Pegg Head56 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Priscilla Pegg Wife43 M .Wetherden
.. Georgianna Pegg Daur9 Scholar? Bradford
37. Buttenhaugh Green?Thomas Salmon? Head27 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Anne Salmon? Wife26 M .Rougham
.. Arthur Thos Salmon? Son2 .Elmswell
.. Wilfred J Salmon? Son2m .Elmswell
.. Edith Bullet Visitor14 .Hessett
38. Buttenhaugh GreenGeorge Borley Head63 M FarmerElmswell
.. Elizabeth Borley Wife69 M .Elmswell
.. George A Borley Son24 Farmer's sonElmswell
.. Frederick W Borley Son22 Farmer's sonElmswell
.. Harriett E Borley Daur21 .Elmswell
.. Louis H Borley Son19 Farmer's sonElmswell
39. Buttenhaugh GreenAgnes Salmon Head59 W NeedlewomanScotland
.. James Douvard Son40 S .British Guina
.. Martha Marriott Lodger76 W PauperIxworth
40. Buttenhaugh GreenJames W Hawes Head33 M Agricultural LabourerAshfield
.. Emma J Hawes Wife30 M .Elmswell
.. Alice? R E Hawes Daur1 .Elmswell
41. Buttenhaugh GreenReuben King Head55 W Railway LabourerElmswell
.. Henry J King Son24 S General LabourerElmswell
42. Buttenhaugh GreenCharles Manning Head67 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Eliza Manning Wife58 M .Elmswell
.. Charles W Manning Son18 MillerElmswell
.. Rose A Dew GDaur9 ScholarElmswell
43. Buttenhaugh GreenWilliam Faires Head49 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Emma Faires Wife47 M .Elmswell
.. Thomas W Faires Son17 Agricultural LabourerElmswell
44. Buttenhaugh GreenJames W Mulley Head39 M CarpenterElmswell
.. Rebecca Mulley Wife40 M .Elmswell
.. Arthur J Mulley Son19 CarpenterElmswell
.. Ernest John Mulley Son17 Painter & DecoratorElmswell
.. Sarah A Mulley Daur15 .Elmswell
.. Reuben G Mulley Son12 ScholarElmswell
.. Sidney H Mulley Son10 ScholarElmswell
.. Frederick W Mulley Son8 ScholarElmswell
.. Charles W Mulley Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. Anna C Mulley Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.. Kate E Mulley Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Walter W Mulley Son1 .Elmswell
.. MaryAnn Woods Aunt70 W Living on own meansElmswell
45. Buttenhaugh GreenDavid Gardiner Head35 M ShoemakerRougham
.. Elizabeth E Gardiner Wife35 M DressmakerElmswell
.. Bertha C Gardiner Daur13 ScholarElmswell
.. Ethel B Gardiner Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.. Charles R Gardiner Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. Arthur H Gardiner Son6 ScholarElmswell
46. Buttenhaugh GreenHerbert W Armstrong Head23 M BlacksmithElmswell
.. Ellen Armstrong Wife24 M .Elmswell
47. Buttenhaugh GreenWilliam Armstrong Head45 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Elizabeth Armstrong Wife45 M .Woolpit
.. Henry J Armstrong Son21 Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Eliza E Armstrong Daur18 General Servant - DomesticElmswell
.. Anna Armstrong Daur12 ScholarElmswell
.. Ernest G Armstrong Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. Arthur Armstrong Son6 ScholarElmswell
.. Edith Armstrong GDaur10m .Elmswell
49. Buttenhaugh GreenCharles Mole Head30 M Railway PorterSudbury
.. Ellen James Mole Wife22 M .Bury St Eds
.. Edward Charles Mole Son3 .Elmswell
.. Alice Grace Mole Daur1 .Elmswell
50. Buttenhaugh GreenCharles Brand Head54 M Railway PorterSaffron Walden
.. Martha Eliza Brand Wife31 M .Elmswell
.. William Ralph Brand Son17 Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Albert Chas Brand Son7 ScholarElmswell
.. Herbert Brand Son6 ScholarElmswell
.. Eliza Brand Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Dorothy Brand Daur1 .Elmswell
51. Buttenhaugh GreenJames Goddard Head63 M PauperElmswell
.. Charlotte Goddard Wife63 M .Norton
.. James Melton Grandson13 Agricultural LabourerNorton
52. John Frost Head87 W Agricultural LabourerPakenham
53. Matilda M Lord Head39 W Living on own meansElmswell
.. Ethel A Lord Daur15 .Combs
.. Jess? E Lord Daur13 ScholarCombs
.. Arthur E Lord Son8 ScholarElmswell
.. Frank G Lord Son6 ScholarElmswell
.. Robert King Lodger20 S .Elmswell
54. StreetAlbert E Edwards Head24 M PostmanElmswell
.. Susan R Edwards Wife26 M .Norfolk
.. Anne E Edwards Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Gladys C Edwards Daur9m .Elmswell
55. StreetJames Leggatt Head39 M Agricultural LabourerStowlangtoft
.. Anne A Leggatt Wife34 M .Somerset
.. Edith Leggatt Daur14 .Haustead
.. Frederick W Leggatt Son13 Butcher's boyHaustead
.. James A Leggatt Son6 ScholarElmswell
56. StreetRobert Atkins Head53 M BootmakerLittle Livermere
.. Elizabeth Atkins Wife48 M .Buxhall
.. Louisa Atkins Daur23 .Elmswell
.. Beatrice Atkins Daur17 .Elmswell
.. Amelia Atkins Daur7 ScholarElmswell
57. StreetDaniel W Collen Head30 M Corn & Coal MerchantWetherden
.. Louisa M Collen Wife28 M .Wetherden
.. Eva G Collen Daur3 .Elmswell
58. StreetDavid Sparrow Head46 M Corn PorterH
.. Ann Sparrow Wife48 M .Elmswell
.. Eliza G Sparrow Daur19 .Elmswell
.. William Sparrow Son16 Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. James Sparrow Son14 Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Ephraim Sparrow Son12 ScholarElmswell
.. Emma Sparrow Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.. Mary Jane Sparrow Daur9 ScholarElmswell
.. Florence Sparrow Daur4 .Elmswell
.. Philip Snelling Visitor20 S DealerRattlesden
59. Lion InnHenry Nunn Head58 M InnkeeperWoodditton
.. Martha Nunn Wife30 M .Woodditton
.. Maggie Nunn Daur9 ScholarWoodditton
.. Harry J Nunn Son1m .Elmswell
60. Lion InnEllen Corner Head40 W Living on own meansHalstead
.. Jess Corner Daur18 Pupil TeacherElmswell
.. Kate Corner Daur10 ScholarElmswell
61. John Pawsey Head46 M ButcherHaughley
.. Helen Pawsey Wife41 M .Bentley
.. George J Pawsey Son19 MillerHaughley
.. James M Pawsey Son17 Coach BuilderWetherden
62. Henry Bailey Head48 M CarmanRedgrave
.. Sophie Bailey Wife49 M .Elmswell
63. Sarah Adams Head55 W InnkeeperWetherden
.. William Harvey Grandson13 MillerElmswell
.. Henry Dew Son-in-law38 W Coal PorterElmswell
64. Jesse Elmer Head78 M Retired ButlerHaughley
.. Sarah Elmer Wife52 M .Bacton
65. Elijah Hunneybell Head51 W Living on own meansWickham Skeith
66. The Street Wolsley Head65 S Retired Lady's MaidWoolpit
67. The StreetIsaac Dew Head77 M Agricultural LabourerElmswell
.. Emily Dew Wife68 M .Badwell Ash
.. Abraham Dew Son31 Agricultural LabourerElmswell
68. The StreetFrederick Farrow Head25 M CarmanElmswell
.. Martha Farrow Wife27 M .Elmswell
.. Maud M Farrow Daur1 .Elmswell
69. The StreetHenry A Elmer Head29 M Corn & Coal Merch Miller & FarmerAshfield Magna
.. Lucy Elmer Wife30 M .Ashfield Magna
.. William E Elmer Son2 .Elmswell
.. Sidney J Elmer Son2 .Elmswell
.. Ada Turner servant14 General DomesticHaughley
70. The StreetThomas Youngman Head60 M Agricultural LabourerWyverstone
.. Susan Youngman Wife60 M .Hunston
71. The StreetHarry Youngman Head25 M Grocer & DraperIpswich
.. Lorna Youngman Wife25 M .Langham
.. Emma Youngman nurse56 W NurseRingshall
72. The StreetRobert Cooper Head52 M Police Constable?
.. Elizabeth Cooper Wife47 M .Laxfield
.. George Cooper Son22 GardinerAlderton
.. Walter Cooper Son13 GroomOtley
.. Emma Cooper Daur11 ScholarElmswell
.. Harry Cooper Son7 ScholarElmswell
73. The StreetHarry Subick Head40 M Coachman/ManservtKent
.. Margaret Subick Wife29 M .Ireland
.. Elizabeth Subick Daur7 ScholarCanterbury
.. Evelyn Subick Daur6 ScholarKent
.. Ernest Subick Son4 .Kent
.. Dora Subick Daur2 .York
74. The GrangeHarry Capt. Alexander Head31 M Capt. 10th R? HussarsLondon
.. Mildred M Alexander Wife24 M .Cornwall
.. Isolda B Predeaux-Bruce? Visitor26 S .Cornwall
.. Kathleen Last? servant21 House & Parlour Maid, DomesticHalstead
.. Edith M Bardwell servant19 Lady's Maid, DomesticLondon
.. Alexandra Ballad servant28 Cook, Domestic??
75. The StreetBenjamin Mulley Head50 M BricklayerElmswell
.. Annie Mulley Wife48 M .Walsham-le-Willows
.. Herbert Mulley Son22 BricklayerElmswell
.. William Mulley Son19 Carpenter ApprenticeElmswell
.. Harry Mulley Son16 .Elmswell
.. John Mulley Son12 ScholarElmswell
.. Annie Mulley Daur5 .Elmswell
76. The StreetAlfred S Pegg Head26 M Corn PorterElmswell
.. Elizabeth Pegg Wife39 M .Elmswell
.. William Rice Lodger18 Railway PorterLong Melford
.. Thomas Hughes? Lodger16 Railway PorterWitham
77. The StreetAlice Lord Head27 W DressmakerElmswell
.. Laura Lord Daur4 .Edwardstone
.. Elizabeth Lord Sister20 DressmakerGt Ashfield
78. The StreetWilliam Bridges Head45 M Shoemaker & ShopkeeperWetherden
.. Sarah Bridges Wife45 M .Diss
79. The StreetWilliam Young Head55 M Railway Station P??Honington
.. Elizabeth Young Wife54 M .Rattrick?
80. Fox InnRobert Lewis Head32 M Inn KeeperShelly
.. Kate? Lewis Wife32 M .Essex
.. Stanley Lewis Son5 ScholarStowmarket
81. Buttenhaugh GreenRobert Salmon Head68 W Agricultural LabourerStoke-by-Nayland
.. Ann Dew Lodger68 W NurseElmswell