1901 Census

I did this from photos: a few fields were out of focus or off the edge - I'll fill them in later. There are question marks where I could not read the handwriting, which is really not a good as one would wish for this important job: in particular, some surnames are written in such a cramped way that even with several repetitions in a family one can still not be sure what is intended. Furthermore, some subsequent processing by checking things off has resulted in very frequent obliteration of one digit of the age, so I have had to make reasonable guesses.

Status ("Condition as to Marriage" on the original): M=married, W=widow(er); "S" was used for single persons of marriageable age, but I have omitted it.

Employment: most working people are employees; I have added (E) for an employer, and (i) to indicate that the person was working independently.

Use the alphabetical list to find a particular name.

AddressNameRelation (to Head)Age/
Profession or OccupationWhere born
1. The StreetRobert Atkins Head59 M Shoemaker, Bootm (i)Livermere
.. E Atkins Wife56 M .Buxhall
.. Louisa Atkins Daur32 Dressmaker (i)Elmswell
.. Amelia Atkins Daur17 .Elmswell
.. Sidney Atkins Son9 .Elmswell
.. Mable Atkins Daur6 .Elmswell
2. The StreetDennis Fenton Head30 M BootmakerNorfolk
.. Harriett Fenton Wife31 M .Elmswell
.. Harrett Fenton Daur12 .Elmswell
.. Frederic Fenton Son10 .Elmswell
.. Ethel Fenton Daur9 .Elmswell
.. W Fenton Son6 .Elmswell
.. Walter Fenton Son3 .Camberwell, London
.. Esther Fenton Daur2 .Camberwell, London
.. Patience Jane Fenton Daur7 .Elmswell
3. The StreetMatilda M Lord Head47 W Living on own meansElmswell
.. Jessie E F Lord Daur22 Teacher of musicCoombs
.. Arthur Edward Lord Son18 Grocer and DraperElmswell
.. Robert King Boarder29 House keeperElmswell
4. The StreetE Lord Head61 W Farmer (E)Gt Ashfield
.. Maria L Lord Daur22 .Rushbrook
.. Anna Spence XX Cousin55 School Governess (i)Elmswell
.. Florry May Fuller Servant16 GSDElmswell
5. The StreetNathan Warren Head74 W Agricultural Engineer? (E)Rickinghall
.. Catherine Warren Daur36 .Wetherden
.. Kate Louise XX GrandDaur16 .BSE
.. Victor N Warren Grandson11 .Elmswell
.. Patience King Servant20 .Elmswell
6. Buttenhaugh GreenFrederick Pechey Head56 M Retired Glass Mcht.BSE
.. Ellen Maria Pechey Wife57 M .BSE
.. Catherine Pechey Sister64 Living on own meansBSE
.. Lily Mary Farrow Servant14 GSDElmswell
7. Buttenhaugh GreenW Warren Head48 M Blacksmith? Iron WorksW
.. Bridget Warren Wife52 M .N
8. Buttenhaugh GreenCharlotte Goddard Head73 W Washerwoman? (i)Elmswell
.. James Meton Grandson23 Brickyd LabourerElmswell
9. Buttenhaugh GreenCharles Goymer Head26 M Journeyman MillerElmswell
.. Miriam Goymer Wife22 M .Elmswell
.. Evelyn Goymer Daur5m .Elmswell
10. Buttenhaugh GreenThomas Stevens Head85 M Retired ButcherHopton
.. Charlotte Stevens Wife72 M .Hitcham
.. John Goddard Boarder76 W .Elmswell
.. Herbert JX Boarder25 Railway ClerkShoreditch, London
.. George M Pryke Boarder21 Railway ClerkEye
11. Buttenhaugh GreenCharles Brand Head64 M Goods PorterGreat Chesterford
.. Martha Brand Wife43 M .Elmswell
.. W Brand Son27 Labourer...?Elmswell
.. Ethel Brand Daur19 Assistant Teacher E.S.Elmswell
.. Charles Brand Son18 Carpenter's ApprenticeElmswell
.. Herbert Brand Son16 .Elmswell
.. Eliza Brand Daur13 .Elmswell
.. Dorothy Brand Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Jessica Brand Daur7 .Elmswell
.. Grace Brand Daur5 .Elmswell
.. Arthur Brand Son2 .Elmswell
12. Buttenhaugh GreenGeorge Barker Head30 M CarpenterRougham
.. Ellen Barker Wife29 M .Rougham
.. Judith Barker Daur7 .Elmswell
13. Buttenhaugh GreenJames Farrow Head71 M Retired AgLabElmswell
.. Sophia Farrow Wife64 M .Elmswell
14. Buttenhaugh GreenGeorge Farrow Head45 M ? (Steam roller)Elmswell
.. Sarah Farrow Wife45 M .Elmswell
.. Bertie Farrow Son19 Miller (flour)W
.. Sidney Farrow Son17 Labourer on roadElmswell
.. Grace Farrow Daur15 .Elmswell
.. George Farrow Son12 .Elmswell
.. Walter Farrow Son10 .Elmswell
.. Charles Farrow Son7 .Elmswell
.. Claude Farrow Son2 .Elmswell
15. Buttenhaugh GreenJohn Elsey Head78 M AgLab?
.. Louisa Elsey Wife73 M .Woolpit
16. Buttenhaugh GreenW Goddard Head43 M Miller (corn) & carterElmswell
.. Alice Goddard Wife38 M .Elmswell
.. Robert Ballard Boarder73 AgLabElmswell
17. Buttenhaugh GreenJohn W Borley Head31 M Builder (E)Norton
.. Ruth E Borley Wife30 M .W
.. W John Borley Son7 .Elmswell
18. Buttenhaugh GreenGeorge Goddard Head38 M Horseman on farmElmswell
.. Martha Goddard Wife23 M .Elmswell
.. Ambrose Goddard Brother46 General labourerElmswell
.. Edith Goddard Daur4 .Elmswell
19. Buttenhaugh GreenGeorge King Head62 M WoodworkerElmswell
.. MaryAnn King Wife52 M .Elmswell
.. Ernest King Son26 .Elmswell
.. Emma King Daur16 .Elmswell
.. Henry King Son8 .Elmswell
20. Buttenhaugh GreenMaryAnn Studd Wife38 M .Little Stonham
.. James Studd Son13 General labourerWelnetham
.. Frederick Studd Son11 .Welnetham
.. Gaston Studd Son8 .Welnetham
.. Herbert Studd Son7 .Weston Mkt
.. Clara Studd Daur2 .Elmswell
21. Buttenhaugh GreenJames W Hawes Head42 M Horseman on farmGt Ashfield
.. Emma Jane Hawes Wife40 M .Elmswell
.. Alice R E Hawes Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Harvey W J Hawes Son6 .Elmswell
.. Maria Mulley M-in-law70 W .Norton
22. Buttenhaugh GreenRobert Nunn Head45 M WheelwrightWorstead
.. Betsey Nunn Wife36 M .Little Finboro
.. Robert W Nunn Son15 Apprentice Coach builderElmswell
.. Herbert H Nunn Son14 .Elmswell
.. Frederick J Nunn Son9 .Elmswell
23. Buttenhaugh GreenRobert John Leach Head35 M BlacksmithRickleburgh
.. MaryAnn Leach Wife31 M .Fordfield
.. Robert Leach Son6 .Elmswell
24. Buttenhaugh GreenW Faires Head58 M General labourerElmswell
.. Emma Faires Wife55 M .Lidgate
.. Thomas Faires Son29 General labourerElmswell
25. Buttenhaugh GreenCharles W Manning Head28 M Journeyman MillerElmswell
.. Lily Sophia Manning Wife28 M .Woolpit
.. Agnes A Manning Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Adelade Lidia Fisher Sister11 .Woolpit
26. Buttenhaugh GreenW George Head25 M Poultry dealer, Fishm. (i)Bacton
.. Helen George Wife22 M .Stratford
.. Mary George Daur10m .Elmswell
.. Ann Meeking M-in-law52 M .?
.. Gerald Goddard L18 AgLab?
27. Buttenhaugh GreenCharles Hawes Head33 M StockmanNorton
.. Rose Hawes Wife25 M .Elmswell
28. Buttenhaugh GreenJames R Robman Head55 Farmer (i)Elmswell
.. Eliza R Robman Sister60 .Elmswell
.. Sophia Robman Sister58 .Elmswell
.. John H Robman Nephew27 Farmer's sonElmswell
.. Ethel Robman Niece22 .Elmswell
.. Mildred Dunnett Visitor22 .Elmswell
29. Buttenhaugh GreenGeorge Borley Head73 W Farmer (i)Elmswell
.. Frederick W Borley Son32 Farmer's sonElmswell
.. Louis Borley Son29 .Elmswell
.. Hariett Elizabeth Borley Daur34 .Elmswell
30. Buttenhaugh GreenFrederick Manning Head29 M Publican (i)Long Melford
.. Louisa Manning Wife31 M .New Cross London
31. Buttenhaugh GreenAmos Manning Head74 M Farmer (i)Elmswell
.. Agnes Manning Wife34 M .Haughley
.. Arthur Manning Son27 PoultrymanElmswell
.. Albert Manning Son7 .Elmswell
.. Frank Manning Son6 .Elmswell
.. Percy Manning Son4 .Elmswell
.. Rosalie Manning Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Robert Manning Son6m .Elmswell
32. Buttenhaugh GreenPhilip Buckle Head57 M Horse keeper on farmElmswell
.. Amelia Buckle Wife52 M .Tostock
.. John Buckle Son23 Foreman sawmill?Elmswell
33. Buttenhaugh GreenRobert Goode Head67 M Farmer (i)W
.. MaryAnn Goode Wife55 M .W
.. Emily Jane Goode Daur40 W .Shelland
.. Herbert Goode Son37 Farmer (i)Shelland
.. Eliza Goode Daur33 .Shelland
.. Mary Goode GrandDaur4 .Elmswell
.. Dorothea Goode GrandDaur3 .Elmswell
34. GlebeHenry Peck Head62 AgLabPakenham
.. Emma Peck Daur30 .Pakenham
.. Horace Peck Grandson1 .Elmswell
.. George J Peck Grandson5m .Stowmarket
.. Alan Robman Head26 M AgLab (Boarder)Elmswell
.. Jane Robman Wife21 M .Pakenham
.. Ethel Robman Daur4 .Elmswell
.. Frederick Robman Son5m .Elmswell
35. GlebeAlice Phillip Head37 M .Essex
.. Joanna Phillip Daur7 .Essex
.. Stanley Phillip Son5 .Elmswell
.. Harry Phillip Son3 .Elmswell
.. Alice Mary Phillip Daur1 .Elmswell
36. GlebeW Green Head76 M Cattle dealer (retired)?
.. Joanna K Green Wife70 M .Hitcham
37. GlebeThomas Elliston Head73 M Thatcher & haybinder?Elmswell
.. Rebecca Elliston Wife73 M .Elmswell
.. Herbert Elliston Son37 Haybinder?Elmswell
38. GlebeSamuel Stanley Head45 M Foreman of a millBow, London
.. Jane Stanley Wife46 M .Bow, London
.. Jessie Stanley Daur19 ?Bow, London
.. E Stanley Daur17 .Bow, London
.. Samuel Stanley Son14 Bench sawyer assistantBow, London
.. Albert Stanley Son8 .Peckham
.. Florence Stanley Daur7 .Peckham
.. Nellie Stanley Daur5 .Peckham
.. Frederick Stanley Son4 .Elmswell
.. W Stanley Son3 .Elmswell
.. Lawrence Stanley Son1 .Elmswell
39. GlebeFrederick W Cross Head39 M SawyerOxon
.. Ann Maria Cross Wife38 M .Hereford
.. Frederick S Cross Son3 .Berks
40. GlebeRobert Durrant Head49 M Sadler, &c (i)Stowupland
.. Harriett Durrant Wife49 M .Stowmarket
.. F R L Durrant Daur25 .Elmswell
.. E R R Durrant Son23 SadlerElmswell
.. H L Durrant Daur18 Pupil teacher (Bd.school)Elmswell
.. F R Durrant Son15 Sadler apprenticeElmswell
.. Janet A Durrant Daur12 .Elmswell
.. Olive Mabel Durrant Daur9 .Elmswell
41. Lawton LaneWalter Williams Head42 M Farmer (i)Battisford
.. Helen W Williams Wife42 M .Scotland
.. Lucy H Williams Daur13 .Battisford
.. Edith M Williams Daur12 .Battisford
.. Zebedee Death Boarder75 W AgLabHigham
.. Edith Kerney? Servant44 DomesticHigham
42. Lawton LaneThomas Stearne Head43 M StockmanHaughley
.. Mary Stearne Wife43 M .Barham
.. Daisy Stearne Daur20 .Stowmarket
.. Nelson Stearne Son14 StockmanStowmarket
.. Ellen Stearne Daur11 .Stowmarket
.. Hazel? Stearne Daur9 .Stowmarket
.. Dorothy Stearne Daur6 .Haughley
.. Emily Stearne Daur11m .Elmswell
43. Botany BayHenry Gostling Head64 W Head horsemanBarking
.. W Gostling Son37 M .Battisford
.. Ellen Gostling D-in-law39 M .Battisford
.. E Gostling Daur34 M .Battisford
.. Carolyn? Gostling Daur27 M .Battisford
.. George? Gostling Son25 Head horsemanBattisford
.. Kate Gostling Daur21 .Battisford
.. Charles Gostling Son21 Boots?Battisford
44. Boggs FarmHorace Henry Thompkin Head36 Farmer (E)Edwardstone
.. Helen A Thompkin Sister29 .Nowton
45. EastwoodWilliam Bennett Head31 M Farmer (E)Thurston
.. Mary Jane Bennett Wife26 M .Drinkstone
.. Rosalie E Bennett Daur8 .Drinkstone
46. EastwoodArthur J H Coleby Head45 M MillerOld Newton
.. Diannah Coleby Wife48 M .Gt Ashfield
.. Alice M M Coleby Daur20 .Lt Finborough
.. Ethel M Coleby Daur15 .Norton
.. Bertha J Coleby Daur13 .Norton
.. Percy C Coleby Son9 .Norton
47. Cubits HallLouisa Crick Head70 M Laundress (i)Barningham
.. Lionel Crick Son45 M LaundererNorfolk
.. Ellen Crick D-in-law24 M LaundressIpswich
.. Jessie Crick GrandDaur2 .Ashfield
.. Sarah Sparham Domestic52 LaundressNorfolk
.. Robert Simper Servant43 LabourerPakenham
.. Edith Whitting Domestic26 .Ashfield
48. EastwoodEdgar Crick Head27 M General dealer (i)Norfolk
.. Beatrice Elizabeth Crick Wife22 M .Hartest
.. Mabel Beatrice Crick Daur3 .Ashfield
.. Eustace Edgar Crick Son1 .Hepworth
.. Alfred Clarence Crick Son4m .Elmswell
.. Edith Stearn Servant17 General servantStowmarket
49. EastwoodWalter Nobbs Head56 M HorsemanElmswell
.. MaryAnn Nobbs Wife55 M .Cockfield
50. Buttenhaugh GreenThomas Owen Jones Head31 M Schoolmaster Elemy. School?
.. Eleanor Owen Jones Wife23 M Asst. Mistress Elemy SchoolWales
51. Buttenhaugh Green? King Boarder31 TeacherRushmere
.. Alice Naomi King Boarder18 TeacherBeccles
.. A M L Mulley Servant20 Gen. Servt DomesticElmswell
52. Arthur Bartlett Warren? Head33 M Commercial TravellerWetherden
.. Bessie Warren? Wife31 M .Norfolk
.. Ivan Cecil Warren? Son8 .Elmswell
.. Constance Warren? Daur4 .Elmswell
.. Bessie Warren? Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Gwendolen Warren? Daur7m .Elmswell
.. Elizabeth Young M-in-law63 .Norfolk
.. L M Palmer Servant16 Gen. Servt DomesticElmswell
53. Street Lion InnRobert Snare? Head34 M Publican (i)Rushbrooke
.. Bessie P Snare? Wife28 M .Walsham-le-Willows
.. Iris May Snare? Daur5 .Bury
.. J? Snare? Daur4 .E Barton
.. Nevil C Snare? Son3 .Great Livermere
.. Reuben G Mulley Visitor22 CarpenterElmswell
.. A L Vincent? Servant17 Gen. Servt DomesticBadwell Ash
54. StreetDavid Sparrow Head56 M Corn PorterHorham?
.. Ann Sparrow Wife58 M .Elmswell
.. Isaac Sparrow Son27 .Elmswell
.. Florence Sparrow Daur14 .Elmswell
55. StreetErnest Simmons Head36 M Railway Stn MasterEssex
.. Bessie Simmons Wife30 M .Essex
.. Edgar Simmons Son3 .Elmswell
.. Mary Wells Visitor16 .Essex
56. StreetEllen Goymer? Head50 W Living on own meansEssex
57. StreetE Gooch Head75 Living on own meansPalgrave
.. Alice May Servant16 Gen. Servt DomesticWoolpit
58. StreetJohn Leggett Head66 M Ostler - GroomStowlangtoft
.. Anna Leggett Wife67 M .Somerset
.. James Leggett Son16 Grocer ApprenticeElmswell
59. StreetJohn Fynn Head73 M Retired LabourerHepworth
.. Sophia Fynn Wife73 M .Hepworth
60. StreetW B Fisher Head32 M Railway SignalmanEly
.. MaryAnn Fisher Wife28 M .Norfolk
.. Florence Fisher Daur6 .Essex
.. Bessie H Rose Boarder25 Assistant Mistress Bd SchoolWickham Skeith
61. StreetMary Elmer Head62 W Living on own meansNorton St Andrew
62. StreetH E Mulley Head31 M BricklayerElmswell
.. Rose E Mulley Wife25 M .Elmswell
.. Bertie Mulley Son8 .Elmswell
.. Luther Mulley Son7 .Elmswell
.. Harry Mulley Son3 .Elmswell
.. Mary Mulley Daur1 .Elmswell
.. John Henry Mulley Brother22 CarpenterElmswell
63. Fox HotelHorace Last Head40 M Licensed Victualler - Pub (i)Bradfield St George
.. Agnes Lash Wife40 M .Elmswell
.. Eveline Ali Lash Daur10 .Rougham
.. Margery Lash Daur7 .Yorks
64. William Waters Head65 M Timber buyerRisenfield?
.. Sarah Ann Waters Wife67 M .Shotley
.. Emily Waters Daur24 .Ringsfield?
.. Alfred James Jordan Boarder17 Labourer in ...ydStowmarket
65. StreetRichard Harris Head50 M Publican & Hay Dealer (i)Wakedale?
.. Julia Harris Wife43 M .Lavenham
.. Rose Ann Harris Daur11 .?
.. Sally? Harris Daur9 .?
66. StreetWilliam Bridges Head55 M Shoemaker & Shopkeeper (i)Wetherden
.. Eliza Bridges Wife41 M .Rougham
.. William Bridges Son2 .Elmswell
67. StreetJohn Lockett Head41 M Shunter on rly.Essex
.. Caroline Lockett Wife40 M .Bradfield St Clare
.. Ethel Lockett Daur13 .Elmswell
.. Harry Lockett Son11 .Elmswell
.. Frederick Rice Boarder68 W GardenerNorton
68. Robert Baker Head36 M Miller & Corn MerchantWetherden
.. Sophia Baker Wife36 M .Kent
.. C B Baker Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Dorothy E Baker Daur10 .Elmswell
.. Anne Sibl Baker Daur8 .Elmswell
.. Ruby May Baker Daur7 .Elmswell
.. Henry Robert Baker Son2 .Elmswell
.. Kathleen S Baker Daur4m .Elmswell
.. Elizabeth Armstrong Servant18 Gen domesticHarleston
.. Edith Grace Groom Servant15 Mother's help domesticStowmarket
69. StreetAmelia Scase Wife41 M CharwomanEye
.. Grace Scase Daur5 .Elmswell
.. Alice Scase Daur3 .Elmswell
70. StreetHenry Farrow Head57 M Thatcher (i)Elmswell
.. Harriett Farrow Wife56 M .Stowmarket
.. Frederick Farrow Son17 MillerElmswell
71. StreetEliza Woolsley? Head84 Dress maker (i)Woolpit
72. StreetIsaac Dew Head85 W No occupation - ??Elmswell
73. StreetHenry James Mulley Head42 M Agric Labourer (Smithy)Norwich
.. Eliza Mulley Wife39 M .Woolpit
.. Lily Mulley Daur17 Gen serv domesticElmswell
.. Frank Mulley Son14 Labourer (Smithy)Elmswell
.. Evangline Mulley Daur13 Gen serv domesticElmswell
.. Mildred Mulley Daur5 .Elmswell
.. Oliver Mulley Son2 .Elmswell
74. SunnysideLucy Elmer Head40 W Living on own meansGt Ashfield
.. Edgar H Elmer Son13 .Elmswell
.. Sydney John Elmer Son12 .Elmswell
.. Ethel Mary Elmer Daur9 .Elmswell
.. Arthur R Elmer Son6 .Elmswell
.. Edith E Bloomfield Servant15 Gen serv domesticNorton
75. StreetWilliam Danby Head57 M Grocer & Draper (i)Cambs
.. Jane Danby Wife51 M .Cambs
.. Anna May Danby Daur23 Grocer & DraperCambs
.. Arthur W Danby Son20 Grocer & DraperCambs
.. John Robt Danby Son10 .Cambs
.. Elizabeth Stevens Visitor60 W .Norfolk
.. Lillian A Stevens Visitor18 Grocer & DraperElmswell
76. StreetLucy Buckle Head77 W .Elmswell
.. Mary Buckle Boarder57 W Laundress (i)Elmswell
77. Post OfficeJohn W Hastings? Head27 M Baker & Confectioner (i)Kings Lynn
.. Thurza Emma Hastings? Wife26 M .Durham
.. David John Hastings? Son4 .Beyton
.. Harriett Hastings? Daur4m .Elmswell
78. The GrangeWilliam Durrant Head52 News Agent (i)Walsham-le-Willows
.. Anne Durrant Mother73 W .Walsham-le-Willows
79. StreetSarah Potter Head70 W Cow keeper (i)Elmswell
.. Oliver C Jewers Boarder29 Corn Merchant (E)Rattlesden
.. Florence Mulley Servant13 Gen serv domesticElmswell
80. Elm HouseFrederic Warren Head44 M Implement agent (E)Wetherden
.. Isabella Warren Wife42 M .Elmswell
.. Frederic Warren Son16 BlacksmithElmswell
.. Clifford Warren Son14 BlacksmithElmswell
.. Gilbert Warren Son13 .Elmswell
.. Kate Warren Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Beatrice Warren Daur9 .Elmswell
.. Maggie Warren Daur8 .Elmswell
.. Oliver Warren Son5 .Elmswell
.. Claude Warren Son1 .Elmswell
.. Bella Warren Daur5m .Elmswell
81. Cooks RoadBenjamin Mulley Head60 W Builder (i)Elmswell
.. Ruth Mulley Daur15 .Elmswell
82. New RoadHarry L Pearl Head59 M Grocer & Draper (i)Great Thurlow
.. Sarah Pearl Wife49 M .Little Thurlow
.. Nora Pearl Daur18 .Buxhall
.. Edith Pearl Daur15 .Elmswell
.. Blance May Pearl Daur13 .Elmswell
.. Claude Wade Pearl Son3 .Elmswell
83. New RoadHerbert W Redit Head30 M Blacksmith (i)Elmswell
.. Lucy A Redit Wife29 M .London
.. Walter A Redit Son1 .Elmswell
.. Arthur Redit Brother14 Blacksmith ApprenticeBadwell Ash
84. New RoadElizabeth Pollard Head65 W Living on own meansBeyton
.. Ellen Baxter Boarder60 W Living on own meansWalsham-le-Willows
.. Alice Bloomfield Servant14 Gen serv domesticElmswell
85. New RoadJames Frost Head76 M Retired harness makerHaughley
.. Susan Frost Wife73 M .Dagworth
86. New RoadCatherine Sparke Head68 Living on own meansPakenham
.. Mary Sparke Sister63 Living on own meansPakenham
87. New RoadJohn Farrow Head39 M Labourer Genl.Elmswell
.. Alice Farrow Wife33 M .Pakenham
.. Ethel Farrow Daur12 .Elmswell
88. New RoadSamuel Manning Head68 Gen LabourerElmswell
89. New RoadWilliam Dicketts Head80 M Living on own meansDorchester
.. Susannah Dicketts Wife76 M .Essex
90. New RoadCharles Hood Head75 M Living on own meansHaughley
.. Caroline Hood Wife76 M .Mendlesham
.. Florence Hood Daur18 .London
91. New RoadJohn Hood Head50 M Shoemaker (i)Wetherden
.. Esther Hood Wife50 M .Woolpit
.. Thomas Hood Son14 Labourer Genl.Elmswell
.. Elizabeth Hood Daur13 .Elmswell
.. Richard W Adam Son13 .London
92. Grange CottageGeorge J Squirell Head56 M GardenerDrinkstone
.. E A Squirell Wife56 M .Rattlesden
.. S W Waterman Lodger24 M GardenerNorton
.. R A Waterman Lodger21 M GardenerWoolpit
.. Samuel W Waterman Son3m .Elmswell
93. New RoadErnest John Mulley Head27 M CarpenterElmswell
.. Mary Mulley Wife24 M .Woolpit
.. Cyril Mulley Son11m .Elmswell
94. Grange CottageCharlotte Hood Head48 W Living on own meansElmswell
.. Ruth Hood Daur17 DressmakerElmswell
95. New RoadHenry Fenton Head37 M Miller (flour)Elmswell
.. Rachael Fenton Wife37 M .Pakenham
.. Frank M Fenton Son10 .Elmswell
.. William Fenton Son8 .Elmswell
.. Arthur Fenton Son4 .Elmswell
.. Bertha Fenton Daur2 .Elmswell
96. New RoadHenry J King Head29 M Labourer Genl.Woolpit
.. Harriett King Wife25 M .Wetherden
.. Eva M King Daur6 .Elmswell
.. Daisy Goymer Visitor14 .Elmswell
97. New RoadWilliam Goymer Head54 M Coal porterWetherden
.. Anna Goymer Wife52 M .Elmswell
.. William G Goymer Son30 Coal carmanElmswell
.. Arthur Goymer Son17 PElmswell
.. May Goymer Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Rose H Goymer Daur7 .Elmswell
98. New RoadSophia Goymer Head63 W LBury St Eds
99. New RoadRobert George Baker Head27 M Foreman on roadsElmswell
.. Rosetta Baker Wife25 M .Wetherden
.. Sidney George Baker Son5m .Elmswell
100. New RoadJohn Henry Newson Head52 M Coal merchant (E)Walsham-le-Willows
.. S Mary Newson Wife54 M .Woolpit
.. Eva May Newson Daur23 .Woolpit
.. Blance Howlett Servant17 Gen serv domesticWoolpit
101. Cross StreetGeorge W Mulley Head27 M CarpenterElmswell
.. Rose Mulley Wife22 M .Rougham
102. Cross StreetPhillip Snelling Head31 M H (Horses)Rattlesden
.. Eliza Snelling Wife29 M .Elmswell
.. Qu Snelling Daur6 .Rattlesden
.. John Snelling Son4 .Elmswell
103. Cross StreetJames King Head71 M Farmer (i)Elmswell
.. Sophia King Wife68 M .Elmswell
104. Cross StreetErnest Farrow Head26 M Yardman at farmElmswell
.. Alice Farrow Wife26 M .Norfolk
105. Cross StreetWilliam F Warren Head59 M BlacksmithWetherden
.. Susannah Warren Wife58 M .Bardwell
.. Georgina Pye Boarder44 Living on own meansBacton
106. Warren LaneJames Howard Head43 M Platelayer on GERHaughley
.. MaryAnn Howard Wife45 M .Wetherden
.. Sidney Charles Clay Boarder26 Brickmaker? ClerkEssex
107. Warren LaneThomas Salmon Head37 M General labourerElmswell
.. Anna Salmon Wife36 M .Rougham
.. Arthur Salmon Son12 .Elmswell
.. Arthur? J Salmon Son10 .Elmswell
.. Edith Salmon Daur8 .Elmswell
.. Henry Salmon Son5 .Elmswell
.. H S Salmon Son3 .Elmswell
.. May Salmon Daur10m .Elmswell
108. Kiln LaneHenry George Wright Head30 M Farmer & Brickmaker (E)Elmswell
.. Alice May Wright Wife28 M .Woolpit
.. Gladys Mary Wright Daur2 .Elmswell
.. George Haddon Wright Son3m .Elmswell
109. Kiln LaneWilliam Armstrong Head54 M Ag LabElmswell
.. Elizabeth Armstrong Wife53 M .Woolpit
.. Henry James Armstrong Son31 Labourer gen.Elmswell
.. Ernest Geo Armstrong Son17 Labourer gen.Elmswell
.. Arthur Armstrong Son16 Labourer gen.Elmswell
.. Edith E Armstrong GrandDaur10 .Elmswell
.. Anna Haggar Visitor22 M .Elmswell
.. George Haggar Visitor1 .Old Newton
.. Jane E Haggar Visitor3m .Old Newton
110. Kiln LaneHarry Brinkley? Head40 M Horseman on farmWoolpit
.. Georgina Brinkley? Wife38 M .Wickham Skeith
.. William George Brinkley? Son12 .Woolpit
.. Nellie Brinkley? Daur10 .Woolpit
.. Olive Susan Brinkley? Daur6 .Woolpit
.. Harry Mark? Brinkley? Son5 .Elmswell
.. Herbert Henry Brinkley? Son4 .Woolpit
111. William Hardingham Head57 M Foreman brickworksWoolpit
.. Susannah Hardingham Wife60 M .Gt Barton
.. Harriett Ella Hardingham Daur34 Dressmaker (i)Woolpit
.. Clement W Hardingham Son29 Harnessmaker & Sexton (i)Woolpit
112. Frank Mason Head54 M Grocer Draper & Wine Merchant (E)Chelmondiston
.. Maria Mason Wife54 M .Gt Yarmouth
.. Mabel Mason Daur26 .Woolpit
.. Bessie Emma Mason Daur16 .Woolpit
.. Florence Salter Servant19 Gen serv domesticShotley
113. Fox & GooseGeorge Bird Head59 M Stockman on farmHitcham
.. Emma Bird Wife56 M .Bruisyard?
114. Fox & GooseLouisa Richer? Head32 W .Devon
.. Stanley Victor Richer? Son5 .Elmswell
.. Jack Richer? Son1 .Elmswell
.. Esther Ramsbottom Visitor14 .Tostock
115. New HallGeorge Knock Head34 M GardenerDarmsden?
.. Change of handwriting!Kate Knock Wife28 M .Barking
.. George Knock Son7 .Darmsden?
.. Beatrice Knock Daur5 .Needham Mkt
.. William Knock Son1 .Darmsden?
116. Bunkers HillThomas Howe Head36 M Horseman on farmMonks Eleigh
.. Phillippa Howe Wife39 M .Lindsey
.. William Howe Son17 Ag LabMilden
.. Thomas Howe Son16 Ag LabMilden
.. Charles Howe Son13 .Milden
.. George Howe Son9 .Milden
.. John Howe Son8 .Haughley
.. Harry Howe Son6 .Elmswell
.. Walter Howe Son3 .Elmswell
.. Albert Howe Son1 .Elmswell
.. John Smith Boarder66 Horseman on farmMonks Eleigh
117. Rose LaneWilliam Scase Head42 M Bricklayer labourerElmswell
.. Jane Scase Wife41 M .Stowmarket
.. Albert Scase Son20 General labourerElmswell
.. Norah Scase Daur13 .Elmswell
118. Rose LaneAbraham Dew Head39 M Worker on roadsElmswell
.. Selina Dew Wife46 M .Glemsford
119. Rose LaneWilliam Geo King Head36 M Ag LabElmswell
.. Sarah King Wife36 M .Elmswell
.. Robert Geo King Son2 .Elmswell
120. Mansion HouseAnastasia Handyside Head98 W Living on own meansRussian Poland? British
.. Baldwin Hawfield? GNephew35 Living on own meansDerby
.. Elleanor Hawfield? GNiece35 AuthoressScotland
.. Brenda Traill GGNiece21 .Herts
.. Olive Traill GGNiece19 .Herts
.. Eva Mary Traill GGNiece18 .Cornwall
.. Jane Brodie Handyside Cousin39 .Scotland
.. Arthur Capel? Visitor63 W Clergyman (C of E)Wilts
.. Emma Sparrow Servant26 Cook (domestic)Elmswell
.. Mary Jane Sparrow Servant19 Housemaid (domestic)Elmswell
.. Rose Elliott Servant18 Housemaid (domestic)Elmswell
121. AlmshousesSusannah Turner Head79 W Residing almshouseWoolpit
122. AlmshousesHannah Tricker? Head81 W Residing almshouseEye
123. AlmshousesMary Gos. Head80 W Residing almshouseAshfield
124. AlmshousesCatherine Burt Head78 W Residing almshouseHaughley
125. AlmshousesHannah Dew Head78 W Residing almshouseElmswell
126. Church HillJames Scase Head37 M Horseman on farmElmswell
.. Annie Scase Wife40 M .Elmswell
.. William Scase Son12 .Elmswell
.. George Scase Son10 .Elmswell
.. Edith Scase Daur6 .Elmswell
.. John Scase Son3 .Elmswell
127. Church CottageThomas Durrant Head76 M Stockman on farmWalsham-le-Willows
.. Charlotte Durrant Wife78 M .Wetherden
128. Church CottageStanley Goode Head26 M Farmer's sonElmswell
.. Sophia Goode Wife24 M .Elmswell
.. Albert Goode Son8m .Elmswell
129. Church CottageRobert Cooper Head63 M Retired Police ConstableWenhaston?
.. Elizabeth Cooper Wife57 M .Laxfield
.. May H Cooper GrandDaur10m .Elmswell
130. High RoadJames Hipwell Head60 Clergyman Church of EnglandMiddx
.. Eleanor Plummer Servant57 Cook (domestic)Haughley
131. High RoadAlice Garwood Head46 Living on own meansMiddx
.. Fanny Auble Servant63 Cook (domestic)Herts?
132. High RoadWilliam H Green Head44 M Corn merchant malster (E)Badwell Ash
.. Edith Ann Green Wife33 M .Beyton
.. Edith Catherine Green Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Reginald Walpole Green Son2 .Elmswell
.. Florence Wenter? Servant15 Cook (domestic)Hessett
.. Jane Teal Servant14 NursemaidKent
133. ?? HallWilliam Diaper Head61 M Manager on farmOld Newton
.. Sarah Diaper Wife66 M .Elmswell
134. HallroadJohn Coleby Leatherdale Head53 M Farmer (E)Norfolk
.. Harriett Ann Leatherdale Wife54 M .Norfolk
.. Lilian Cocksedge Servant17 Gen serv domesticAshfield
135. Hawkend LaneCharles Gould Head48 M Coal heaverStowmarket
.. Annie Gould Wife37 M .Elmswell
.. Rose Gould Daur17 Gen serv domesticElmswell
.. Charles Gould Son14 .Elmswell
.. Frederick Gould Son11 .Elmswell
.. Maud Gould Daur9 .Elmswell
.. Annie Gould Daur7 .Elmswell
.. Ida Gould Daur5 .Elmswell
.. William Gould Son3 .Elmswell
.. Hatty Gould Daur1 .Elmswell
.. Arthur Bloss? Boarder15 .Stowmarket
136. Hawkend LaneCharles Clark Head34 M Railway PlatelayerTostock
.. Emma Clark Wife33 M .Thurston
.. Edith Olive Clark Daur4 .Elmswell
137. Hawkend LaneJames Piper Head60 W Railway PlatelayerBeyton
.. James Piper Son27 Railway PlatelayerTostock
.. Walter Piper Son17 HorseladTostock
.. Eliza Piper Daur14 .Tostock
138. Hawkend LaneGeorge Mulley Head40 M Ag LabElmswell
.. Elizabeth Mulley Wife40 M .Elmswell
.. Thomas Mulley Son12 .Elmswell
.. Gordon Mulley Son3 .Elmswell
.. Earnest Armstrong Lodger22 Ag LabElmswell
139. Hawkend LaneGeorge Goodwin Head43 W GroomNorton
.. Bernice Pearl Goodwin Daur14 .Elmswell
.. Horace Arthur Goodwin Son12 .Gt Ashfield
.. Edith Maria Goodwin Daur11 .Gt Ashfield
.. Allan Claude Goodwin Son2 .Elmswell
140. Hawkend LaneJohn Cooper Head23 M Horseman on farmBattisford
.. Mary Cooper Wife22 M .Elmswell
.. Agnes Farrow Sister-in-law31 .Elmswell
.. George Farrow Brother-in-law27 Rag and bone dealer (i)Elmswell
.. William Farrow Nephew7 .Elmswell
.. Muriel Farrow Niece2 .Elmswell
.. George Adams Lodger46 W Basket maker (i)Elmswell
141. Hawkend LaneGeorge Nicholls Head57 M Signalman GERColchester
.. Julia Nicholls Wife46 M .Colchester
142. Hawkend LaneJames Curtis Head60 M Railway PlatelayerColchester
.. Emma Curtis Wife59 M .Bergholt
.. Edward Curtis Son30 Ag LabElmswell
143. Hawkend LaneAlfred John Pegg Head30 M Corn porterElmswell
.. Elizabeth Pegg Wife50 M .Elmswell
144. Hawkend LaneJames Armstrong Head45 M CarmanElmswell
.. Eliza Armstrong Wife44 M .Norton
.. Kate Armstrong Daur19 .Elmswell
.. George Armstrong Son17 Farm labElmswell
.. Charles Armstrong Son14 .Elmswell
.. Freddie Armstrong Son11 .Elmswell
145. Hawkend LaneFrederick Farrow Head36 M Ag LabElmswell
.. Martha Farrow Wife38 M .Elmswell
.. Maud Mary Farrow Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Beatrice Martha Farrow Daur7 .Elmswell
146. Hawkend LaneEdward Pyke Head37 W Blacksmith (E)Mendlesham
.. William Bruce Pyke Son12 SchoolElmswell
.. Robert Bruce Pyke Son10 SchoolElmswell
.. Birty Bruce Pyke Son7 SchoolElmswell
.. Sally Bruce Pyke Daur7 SchoolElmswell
.. Hannah Pyke Mother-in-law72 W .Mendlesham
147. Hawkend LaneLucy Mathew Head77 W Retired GrocerCambs
.. Emma E Mathew Daur36 S Dressmaker (i)Elmswell
.. Herbert Mathew Grandson14 .Elmswell
.. Frank Mathew Grandson11 .Elmswell
148. Hawkend LaneFrederick Farrow Head43 M BricklayerElmswell
.. Charlotte Farrow Wife41 M .Norton
.. Herbert Farrow Son13 .Elmswell
.. Sidney Farrow Son10 .Elmswell
.. Eva Farrow Daur8 .Elmswell
.. Amy Farrow Daur6 .Elmswell
.. Nelson Farrow Son3 .Elmswell
.. Spencer Farrow Son2 .Elmswell
149. Hawkend LaneHenry E Howlett Head23 M General labourerWoolpit
.. Elizabeth Howlett Wife24 M .Elmswell
.. Maria Moyes Mother-in-law75 W .Elmswell
.. Edward G Radley Nephew3 .Elmswell
150. Hawkend LaneCharlotte Plummer Head73 W Char womanBrettenham
.. John Plummer Son33 Timber carterElmswell
151. Hawkend LaneWilliam E Baker Head24 M Yardman on farmElmswell
.. Mary J Baker Wife22 M .Buxhall
.. Harold G Baker Son2m .Elmswell
152. Hawkend LaneThomas Edwards Head29 M Horse dealer & Butcher (i)Onehouse
.. Sarah Edwards Wife30 M .Stowupland
.. Daisy May Edwards Daur7 .Onehouse
.. Cissy May Edwards Daur3 .Shelland
.. Arthur Abbott Brother-in-law28 Dealer in fish & .... (i)Stowupland
.. Arthur Bluett Boarder19 Railway Platform PorterLeiston
153. Hawkend LaneSusan Armstrong Head80 W CharwomanWoolpit
.. Margaret Mulley GrandDaur9 .Elmswell
154. Hawkend LaneJames Curtis Head42 M Platelayer GERCambs
.. Ann Curtis Wife43 M .Woolpit
.. Sarah Clarke Niece24 Gen serv domesticElmswell
.. Herbert Clarke Nephew16 Farm labourerElmswell
.. Arthur Clarke Nephew10 .Elmswell
155. Hawkend LaneEphraim Collett Head31 M BricklayerLondon
.. Alice L Collett Wife25 M .Elmswell
.. Edith May Collett Daur7 .Elmswell
.. Ephraim Geo Collett Son5 .Elmswell
.. Bessie A Collett Daur1 .Elmswell
.. Ellen Mulley Mother-in-law61 W CharwomanElmswell
156. Hawkend LaneElizabeth Borley Head70 W Living on meansNorton
157. Hawkend LaneGeorge Mulley Head54 M Gen. LabElmswell
.. Sarah Mulley Wife54 M .Elmswell
.. Lillie Mulley Daur15 .Elmswell
.. Harry King Visitor21 Sawyer (E)Hepworth
158. Hawkend LaneJames Waylett Head45 M Horse dealer stablemanBeyton
.. Georgina Waylett Wife34 M .Hopton
.. James John Waylett Son8 .Elmswell
.. George Alfred Waylett Son4 .Elmswell
.. William Fred Waylett Son3 .Elmswell
159. Hawkend LaneAlbert E Edwards Head34 M Grocer shopkeeper (i)Elmswell
.. Rosetta Lisa Edwards Wife35 M .Feltwell?
.. Ethel Anne Edwards Daur12 .Elmswell
.. Gladys Constance Edwards Daur10 .Elmswell
.. Reginald Edwards Son9 .Elmswell
.. Lilly Mary Edwards Daur7 .Elmswell
.. Albert Lambert Edwards Son5 .Elmswell
.. Winifred Edwards Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Harry W J Edwards Son2 .Elmswell
160. Hawkend LaneHenry Parr Head36 M Coal CarterNorton
.. Harriett Parr Wife35 M .Livermere
.. Ethel Parr Daur14 .Elmswell
.. Walter H Parr Son4 .Elmswell
.. Bessie Parr Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Gladys Emma Parr Daur11m .Elmswell
161. Hawkend LaneHenry Robinson Head33 M Horseman on farmElmswell
.. Laura Robinson Wife32 M .Woolpit
.. Kate Robinson Daur10 .Elmswell
.. George Robinson Son9 .Elmswell
.. May Robinson Daur7 .Elmswell
.. William Robinson Son5 .Elmswell
.. Ivy Robinson Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Arthur Robinson Son11m .Elmswell
162. Hawkend LaneHarry Dew Head48 M Millers CarterElmswell
.. Alice P Dew Wife37 M .Elmswell
.. Laura L Dew Daur14 .Boxford
.. Arthur J Dew Son10m .Elmswell
163. School RoadHenry King Head59 W Genl. LabourerElmswell
.. David Lummas? Boarder27 M .Badwell Ash
.. Ellen Lummas? Boarder25 M .Elmswell
.. Ive Blance Lummas? Boarder1m .Elmswell
.. Denis King Son24 Genl. LabourerElmswell
.. Thomas King Son20 .Elmswell
.. Mary Underwood Visitor18 M .Elmswell
.. Muriel Underwood Visitor9m .Elmswell
164. School RoadSarah Robinson Head55 W CharwomanElmswell
.. Charles A Robinson Son28 .Elmswell
.. Florence Robinson Daur23 .Elmswell
.. Laura Robinson Daur9 .Elmswell
.. George Simpin Boarder75 W Retired gardenerPakenham
165. School RoadEdward Turner Head48 M Genl. LabourerIxworth
.. Emma Turner Wife43 M .Elmswell
.. Alice Armstrong Boarder6 .Elmswell
.. Henry Rice Boarder50 .Elmswell
166. School RoadHenry Farrow Head41 M Genl. LabourerElmswell
.. Rose Farrow Wife41 M Horseman on farmElmswell
.. Edith Farrow Daur12 .Elmswell
.. George Farrow Son10 .Elmswell
.. Eva Farrow Daur9 .Elmswell
.. Blanche Farrow Daur1 .Elmswell
167. School RoadRichard T Robinson Head40 Highway surveyorLancaster
168. School RoadCharles Bloomfield Head38 M ShepherdNorton
.. Eliza Bloomfield Wife36 M .Elmswell
.. Kate Bloomfield Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Agnes Bloomfield Daur9 .Elmswell
.. James Bloomfield Son7 .Elmswell
.. Charles Bloomfield Son5 .Elmswell
.. Susan Bloomfield Daur2 .Elmswell
.. Victoria Bloomfield Daur8m .Elmswell
169. School RoadAlice Sarah Hawes Head49 Elementary School TeacherLondon?
.. Victoria Scase Servant13 Genl. domesticElmswell
170. School RoadCharles Callow Head38 M Head Horse KeeperWattisfield
.. Alice Elizabeth Callow Wife27 M .Goslingham
171. School RoadWilliam Fuller Head49 M Coal YardmanElmswell
.. Elizabeth Fuller Wife39 M .Elmswell
.. John Fuller Son24 Brick YardmanElmswell
.. William Geo Fuller Son14 GardenerElmswell
.. Jessie Fuller Daur12 .Elmswell
.. Walter Fuller Son4 .Elmswell
172. School RoadRobert Scase Head73 M Highway LabourerElmswell
.. Pamela Scase Wife73 M .Haughley
.. George Scase Son35 Ag LabElmswell
173. School RoadEdward Everett Head52 M CarrierTostock
.. Drusilla Everett Wife53 M .Elmswell
.. Augusta J Everett Daur23 .Elmswell
174. School RoadArthur J Mulley Head29 M Carpenter JournElmswell
.. Ellen Mulley Wife25 M .Tostock
.. Mary Mulley Daur1 .Elmswell
175. School RoadIsaac Pegg Head66 M Genl. LabourerElmswell
.. Pricella Pegg Wife52 M .Wetherden
.. Georgina Pegg Daur19 Genl. servant domesticElmswell
176. School RoadAgnes Salmon? Head69 W Retired seamstressScotland
.. James SX Son50 .?
177. School RoadHannah Mulley Head79 W Retired charwomanElmswell
.. Samuel Mulley Son59 Genl. LabourerElmswell
.. Eliza Mulley Daur39 WasherwomanElmswell
178. School RoadJohn Gould Head81 M Ag LabBacton
.. MaryAnn Gould Wife78 M .Elmswell
179. Railway TavernJohn Henry Laver Head43 M Licensed Victualler (i)Essex
.. Eliza Laver Wife46 M .Essex
.. Francis Laver Son6 .Essex
180. Rose LaneGeorge Mulley Head59 M Woodman (i)Elmswell
.. Rebecca Mulley Wife53 M .Elmswell
181. Rose LaneHenry Holmes Head38 M Coal carterLittle Welnetham
.. Kate Holmes Wife38 M .Pakenham
.. Ida Mary Holmes Daur11 .Elmswell
.. Charlotte Holmes GMother79 W .Hawstead
182. Rose LaneFrederic Scase Head45 M Farm labourerElmswell
.. Elizabeth Scase Wife51 M .Elmswell
.. Henry J Baker Son28 Sawyer at bat factoryElmswell
.. Albert W Scase Son15 Errand boyElmswell
.. Florence Scase Daur13 Day girl domesticElmswell
.. Rose M Scase Daur12 .Elmswell
.. Herbert A Scase Son8 .Elmswell
183. Rose LaneHenry Geo Elliston Head48 M Jobbing pig killer (i)Elmswell
.. Susannah Elliston Wife45 M .Elmswell
.. Arthur J Elliston Son22 Railway porterElmswell
.. Frederic Elliston Son15 Miller's labourerElmswell
.. Norah Elliston Daur12 .Elmswell
.. Herbert Victor Elliston Son10 .Elmswell
.. Eva R Elliston Daur8 .Elmswell
.. Cissie C Elliston Daur6 .Elmswell
184. Rose LaneWilliam Henry Elliston Head31 M Agent & .... associateElmswell
.. Margaret A Elliston Wife30 M .Little Welnetham
.. Ethel M Elliston Daur9 .Elmswell
.. Mabel Eva Elliston Daur7 .Elmswell
.. Harry John Elliston Son2 .Elmswell
185. StreetWilliam Elliston Head51 M Pork Butcher (i)Elmswell
.. Susan Elliston Wife50 M .Elmswell
.. Mary Mayes Servant17 Genl. domesticCotton
186. StreetRobert Smith Head59 M Horse Dealer (i)Thelnetham
.. Sarah Smith Wife55 M .Colchester
.. Amy Archer Neill Niece16 .Colchester
187. StreetJames W Manning Head50 M Wheelwright & PainterBuxhall
.. Emma Manning Wife44 M .Elmswell
.. James Manning Son20 Bricklayer labourerElmswell
.. Eva Manning Daur19 .Elmswell
.. Edward Manning Son17 Coal porterElmswell
.. Thomas Manning Son16 .Elmswell
.. Berty Manning Daur4m .Elmswell
.. Zachariah Fenton Father-in-law70 W GardenerB
188. StreetWalter R Manning Head29 M Rural Postman...Elmswell
.. Lily E Manning Wife24 M .Elmswell
.. Violett Manning Daur1 .Elmswell
189. StreetJames Mulley Head49 M Carpenter & JoinerElmswell
.. Rebecca Mulley Wife50 M .Elmswell
.. Sidney Mulley Son20 BricklayerElmswell
.. Anna Mulley Daur18 .Elmswell
.. Charles Mulley Son17 Carpenter & JoinerElmswell
.. Kate Mulley Daur13 .Elmswell
.. Walter Mulley Son10 .Elmswell
.. Ethel Mulley Daur9 .Elmswell
190. StreetDaniel Walter Collen Head40 M Postmaster (E)Wetherden
.. Louisa Mary Collen Wife38 M .Elmswell
.. Eva Grace Collen Daur13 .Elmswell
.. Margaret Bertha Collen Daur1 .Elmswell
.. Emily Mary Parsey Niece17 .London
.. Edith Harriett Fenton Servant14 Genl. servt. domesticElmswell
191. missing? Fenton .
192. Station houseJane Wakelin Head53 W Living on own meansBeyton
193. Station houseZipporah Gandolfi Head66 W Living on own meansEssex
.. Agnes C Palmer Servant13 General domesticElmswell
194. Ashfield RoadHenry Cotterell Kinsey Head35 M FarmerStanton
.. Elizabeth Kinsey Wife38 M .Brettenham
.. Sybil Maud Kinsey Daur12 School girlElmswell
.. Marjorie Kinsey Daur7 School girlElmswell
.. Barbara Kinsey Daur6 School girlElmswell
195. Lawton LaneJemima Corner Head79 W RetiredStowmarket
.. Sarah Ann Corner Daur48 S .Elmswell
196. Lawton LaneRobert King Head66 M Farm labourerElmswell
.. Annie King Wife64 M .Great Ashfield
.. MaryAnn Willingham Daur38 S .Stowmarket
.. Isabella Willingham GrandDaur11 .Elmswell
.. Bertie Willingham Grandson12 Errand boyElmswell
.. Albert Willingham Grandson9 .Elmswell
.. Ellen Willingham Grandson5 .Elmswell
.. George King Grandson9 .Elmswell
.. Sidney John King Grandson4 .Elmswell
197. StreetRobert Pye Head41 M Timber Merchant (E)Northumberland
.. Albert Farrow Servant14 Apprentice Greyhound trainerElmswell
198. StreetSamuel Palmer Head48 M Wheelwright?
.. Eliza Palmer Wife48 M .Woolpit
199. StreetJames Sparrow Head24 M Yardman on farmElmswell
.. Annie Sparrow Wife24 M .Haughley
.. John Sparrow Son3 .Elmswell
.. Rose M Sparrow Daur1 .Elmswell
200. StreetJohn King Head24 M Woodsman LabourerElmswell
.. Sarah Jane King Wife23 M .Haughley
.. Violet S King Daur1 .Elmswell
201. StreetHerbert Armstrong Head33 M BlacksmithElmswell
.. Ellen Armstrong Wife34 M .Elmswell
.. Eve Armstrong Daur7 .Elmswell
.. Victoria Armstrong Daur3 .Elmswell
.. Maude Armstrong Daur6m .Elmswell
.. William Palmer Head36 M Farm Bailiff (E)Woolpit
.. Alice Palmer Wife29 M .Woolpit
.. Arthur Palmer Son8 .Elmswell
.. John Palmer Son6 .Elmswell
.. Leslie Palmer Son1 .Elmswell
203. StreetHenry James King Head34 Timber ... LabourerElmswell